About Johnson Brothers Amusement

Johnson Brothers Amusement maintains a high standard of family values and quality fun and entertainment for your fair, festival, bazaar or carnivals. Johnson Brothers Amusement owns and operates a large inventory of popular and classic rides and attractions as well as carnival games and food trailers. We have rides for children all the way to the more mature thrill seeker. Our lineup of spectacular, family, and kiddie rides are proven to be the right combination to make your event a success. Johnson Brothers Amusement brings clean employees that give your carnival the "amusement park" like atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more exciting fun and entertainment.

Thank You Customers!

The customer is the most important person in our business. The customer is not an interruption, but the purpose of it. Thank you for being a valued and loyal customer. We hope to continue to serve you for years to come. Your business is greatly appreciated.

Johnson Brothers Amusement

Kenneth Johnson